Openness to digital solutions has increased in Qatar market

Doha: An official says that as local businesses become more aware of the benefits of digital transformation, they are now more open to adopting the latest technology to improve their operations. Vodafone Qatar’s Head of Large Segment Marketing, Zeina Abu Issa, said that there is currently a demand for its IoT and big data technologies.

“Vodafone is always looking for ways to create and develop new services and solutions that are helping the country move towards digital operations and improving the efficiencies of their businesses. For us, the pandemic obviously pushed the whole market to have to adopt new technologies, which gave us more reasons to launch things really fast. We already had solutions before. But I think the mindset of the market, in general, was always hesitant. Now, we believe is the perfect time for anyone to adopt digital solutions,” Abu Issa said.

“IoT is the trend right now, and at Vodafone, we have been building our IoT platform for a few years already, whether locally or globally. For Qatar, we provide an end-to-end IoT solution like fleet management which we recently launched. And we also have an IoT platform which provides connectivity,” She added.

Qatar’s construction industry can be automated by Vodafone’s customised solutions such as the IoT Smart Workforce, IoT Smart Building, and Safety Helmet Detection.

“The construction companies and other large entities from other verticals in the market always look for ways to improve their businesses. With technology being the most important part of their infrastructure and investment, it’s no longer just about the internet or connections. It’s more about ‘I want to improve using automation’, ‘I want to use solutions that can help me optimise my business. The demand is definitely there. And we are always in ongoing discussions with different companies. We customise solutions based on their demands and its business as usual for us,” Abu Issa added.

“After the pandemic, a lot of companies have to reduce costs in many different ways. And we are trying to address the challenges and the need in a bit of a different way. We look at what the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are for companies. It’s not just about reducing costs, but also optimising their resources. So when we say reduce cost, it’s not just reducing manpower or shutting down a branch. It’s how else could they get a better return for their investment. This is our strategy in terms of improving the digital transformation in the country,” she said.

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