Order PlayStation 5 from 1 & 1: Is the offer worth it?

Desperately looking for a PlayStation 5? Amazingly, it is still sold out everywhere and even all tariff offers are gone. All? No, the telecommunications provider 1 & 1 was able to secure a few more consoles and is now offering the PS5 in combination with a DSL contract. Worthwhile deal or bait offer? We did the math.

PlayStation 5 at 1 & 1 in the tariff deal: What does the DSL offer?

Due to the corona-related bottlenecks in some components for the PlayStation 5, Sony currently has quite a problem producing and delivering enough consoles. Because the demand is great: 4.5 million NextGen consoles have already been sold, but it is still not enough. Fortunately, there are a few very limited PS5 offers in tariff bundles. 1 & 1 has also put together such a PS5 bundle. You can go there between a DSL line 100 Mbit / s or 250 Mbit / s as well as one 1,000 fiber opticSelect line. There is also a fixed-line flat rate, which PlayStation 5 Disc Edition plus 2nd controller and a 12 month PlayStation Plus subscription to. The prices start away 64.98 euros (100 DSL) per month.

1 & 1 tariff details of the PS5 bundles at a glance

All tariffs are Internet in the Telecom network. HD TV and a modem can be booked on request from EUR 4.99 per month each. As a nice bonus, there are up to 5 SIM cards, each with 500 MB data volume, landline flat rate and flat rate to the mobile network from 1 & 1 included.

It should be positively emphasized that the price does not rise after the 24th month, as is usual with other providers. The 19.99 euro installment payment for the PlayStation 5 is omitted and from the 25th month you only continue to pay the basic price of the tariff. If you do not want this, you should cancel in good time, at least 3 months before the end of the 24-month minimum term.

1 & 1 DSL 100
1 & 1 DSL 250
1 & 1 fiber 1,000

Speed: Max. 100 Mbit / s
Free calls to German landlines Including up to 5 Phone numbers
3 SIM cards with 500 MB each
€ 64.98 per month From the 25th month, total costs € 39.99
after 24 months:

€ 1,559.52

Speed: Max. 250 Mbit / s
Free calls to German landlines Including up to 8th Phone numbers
4th SIM cards with 500 MB each
€ 69.98 per month From the 25th month, total costs € 49.99
after 24 months:

€ 1,679.52

Speed: Max. 1,000 Mbit / s
Free calls to German landlines Including up to 10 Phone numbers
5 SIM cards with 500 MB each
€ 89.98 per month From the 25th month total costs € 69.99
after 24 months:

€ 2,159.52

Sony PS5 incl. DSL tariff with 1 & 1: Is the offer worth it?

We did the math for you: The Sony PlayStation 5 Disc Edition itself currently costs at least 499 euros (If it’s available, check the current PS5 availability here). 12 months of PlayStation Plus currently costs around 60 euro, another controller approx. 65 euros. If you now calculate the value of the hardware and the PS Plus subscription from the total costs, you effectively pay the following prices for the tariffs:

33.98 euros per month (DSL 100),
43.98 euros per month (DSL 250)
63.98 euros per month (fiber 1,000)

Since this offer is a tariff in the Telekom network, we have used the regular prices of the MagentaZuhause tariffs for comparison. For a DSL 100 line you currently pay at Telekom approx. 38.70 euros in the month. For a line with up to 250 Mbit / s approx. 46.20 euros and for a 1,000 fiber optic cable 79.95 euros. We did not take the provision price of 69.95 euros into account in our calculations, as this is only due for a new connection.

In short: The 1 & 1 DSL offers are slightly cheaper than their counterparts from Telekom direct. At the same time, you currently have the chance at 1 & 1 to secure one of the coveted PlayStation 5 consoles. So if you are thinking of changing Internet service providers anyway, we can safely say that The offer is definitely worth it.

The old provider’s contract is still running for a few months – when will I get the PS5?

The current contracts can rarely be terminated on a monthly basis, but usually have a notice period of 3 months. Although 1 & 1 offers a relocation service to terminate the current provider, the new one will not be activated until the old tariff is switched off. Since the Broadcast of the PlayStation 5 a few calendar days before your DSL connection date for the 1 & 1 tariff takes place, it can take up to a few months before you actually hold the PS5 in your hands. So you should inquire in advance exactly when your current contract will expire.

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