PHCC launches adult oral health screenings in collaboration with MoPH

Doha: In collaboration with the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH), the National Adult Oral Health Screening Service has been launched by the Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC).

As part of a range of dental screening programmes in Qatar, including Beautiful Smiles and the National School Oral Health Program provided by the PHCC, the national screening service emphasizes prevention and promotion of oral health.

The first phase of the service is for those aged 18 and above in Qatar. The service will help people to identify early problems related to their dental health and will provide them with regular screening sessions. As part of the screening, your dentist will review your medical history followed by a physical exam. Depending upon the diagnosis, the dentist may discharge the patient until their next oral health screening appointment, or refer them for further treatment if a disease has been diagnosed.  



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