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PHOTOS: American family was thus pointed with largar weapons during trip to Mexico

PHOTOS: American family was thus pointed with largar weapons during a trip to Mexico.

PHOTOS: American family was thus pointed with largar weapons during trip to Mexico.

Photo: Capture Black Code Mx / Courtesy

An american family lived minutes of panic when a group of armed men, aboard a black van, blocked their way and tried to strip them of the unit in which they were traveling, this in an area where drug trafficking groups are present.

Relatives and acquaintances of the victims shared the images of what happened on social networks.

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To say of the publications, the visitors circulated in a van to the tourist center of San Carlos, Nuevo Guaymas, but a few miles before reaching their destination, in Santa Ana, Sonora, a black vehicle blocked their way in broad daylight.

And if that was not enough, it all happened on the Mexico 15 international highway, the busiest highway in Sonora, where three armed individuals they got out of the vehicle in which the American family was traveling and surrounded them.

One was placed on the hood, one on the driver’s window, and the third lunged from the passenger side.

The gunmen, armed with assault rifles, They tried to deprive the family of the truck, when, according to those affected, the driver made a maneuver to evade the attack.

But while on the run, the American family unit received multiple gunshot wounds.

Given what happened, the family filed a complaint with the Sonora Prosecutor’s Office and returned to the United States.

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