PHOTOS: Armed group kills 5 people and burns 25 houses in indigenous area

Armed attack in Oaxaca.

Armed attack in Oaxaca.

Photo: Cehdapi / Courtesy

A armed group murdered at least five people in an attack on residents of communities of the municipality of San Esteban Atatlahuca, on the indigenous area of ​​the Mixteca region of the state of Oaxaca, in Mexico.

The Center for Human Rights and Counseling for Indigenous Peoples (Cehdapi) He alerted on his social networks about the attacks that began on October 21 and that escalated with the multi-homicide last Saturday, October 23 in the towns of Guerrero Grande, and Mier and Terán.

“An armed group of approximately 70 people with high-caliber weapons attacked the community of Guerrero Grande, and the communities of Mier and TeránCehdapi stated.

Among the dead, Marcos Barrio Avendaño, 80, was listed; Marcos Quiroz Reaño, 65 years old; Tomás García Barrios, 41 years old; Paulina Sandoval, 95, and Teodoro Velasco Sandoval, 95, most of them seniors.

“These attacks began on the night of October 21, 2021 when 25 houses were burned in the Ndoyonuyuji community, Municipality of San Esteban AtatlahucaFor this reason, several families are in a situation of internal forced displacement, and at this moment, 25 families are sheltering in the INPI facilities in Tlaxiaco ”.

For his part the Government of Oaxaca He affirmed that together with the Federation, he installed a security table to coordinate the intervention of security forces in the area of ​​the attacks.

“Derived from the violent events that occurred on October 21 in the community Ndoyonuyuji and on October 23 at the agencies Mier and Terán, and Guerrero Grande, belonging to the San Esteban Atatlahuca Municipality, the State and Federal Government, installed a security table to coordinate the entry of security elements in the area, ”it was detailed.

So far, no one has explained the motive for the attacks on these communities in the Mixteca region.

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