Pixel 6 in the hands-on video: This is what the new Google mobile phone can do

With the Pixel 6, a new era begins for Google. For the first time, the Android 12 mobile phone has its own Google processor, which supports many interesting software functions in a customized manner. You can find out what we think of the Pixel 6 in the hands-on video.

Pixel 6: New territory in design and hardware

The sixth generation of Pixel phones could be the most important for Google. In contrast to its predecessors, a decision was made against compromises in many areas and in favor of a higher standard. This is particularly clear with the processor, because the tensor stands for the first own SoC ready in Pixel 6. In the video you can see what the processor is capable of.

Google is also breaking new ground when it comes to design. The pixel 6 can still be recognized as such even from a distance. That’s because of the special backthat draws attention to itself with a Vizor-like “camera hump”. In addition to a main camera (50 MP), the Pixel 6 also has an ultra-wide angle (12 MP). Only the Pro version of the smartphone still has a telephoto lens with 48 MP (for testing)

There are also clear differences in the Selfie camera which allows a maximum of 8 MP in the Pixel 6 and 11.1 MP in the Pixel 6 Pro. 4K Seflie videos are also reserved for the Pro model.

The Pixel 6 is not compact and light. Quite the opposite is the case with the standard version 207 grams on the scales. The 6.4-inch display of the Pixel 6 offers a refresh rate of 90 Hertz. If you want more, you have to resort to the Pro version. Up to 120 Hertz are variably available here.

Google Pixel 6 with Android 12, 13, 14, 15

The Pixel 6 is equipped with Android 12. Google promises updates to the operating system for three years, so the last version should be Android 15 in 2024. Google would like to provide security updates over a period of five years.

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