Pixel Pass could be Google’s answer to the Apple One

It looks like Google is ready to announce a new subscription package called Pixel Pass, which combines a new Pixel device with an extended warranty and premium subscriptions to many of the search giant’s services.

The unconfirmed package was detailed in a leaked image posted it Brandon Lee. And it’s unclear how much the Pixel Pass will cost. But the documents indicate that it is being sold via Google Fi and the Google Store along with the purchase of a Pixel device.

As Lee notes, the Pixel Pass appears to combine elements of Apple’s iPhone Upgrade Program (which offers the iPhone via monthly subscription payments along with the extended warranty) and the Apple One subscription services package.

Pixel Pass can be promoted as a way to simplify access to all of these services as well as provide peace of mind through an extended warranty. Pixel Pass may also offer a discount compared to paying for services individually, although there is currently no indication of how much a Pixel Pass will cost.

From the documents, the Pixel Pass appears to bundle up to four subscriptions: YouTube Premium or YouTube Music, Google One, Play Pass, and Google Fi.

These services cover video and music streaming, cloud storage, application subscription package, and mobile network coverage. There was no mention of Google Stadia, the search giant’s cloud game streaming service.

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Pixel Pass combines multiple core Google services

The leak indicates that the extended device warranty works similarly to Google’s existing Preferred Care or Device Protection services, which provide protection against accidental damage and mechanical breakdown.

Currently, Preferred Care is only available in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. While device protection is only available through the US Google Fi service. This indicates that the Pixel Pass may be an option for North America only.

There is no mention of the Pixel phones that the Pixel Pass is offered with. But considering that the Pixel 6 event is coming on October 19th. It is likely that the Pixel Pass will be offered as a companion to the new flagship smartphone.

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