Professional video editing via browser without software

A large segment of users needs to edit video continuously. This is for students or workers in some fields. However, the process of editing videos in general is not an easy process, and it requires specialized software and some skills.

Dozens of video editing and editing applications are available for the PC platform or even for tablets and smartphones. However, most of these applications are paid and need to be downloaded and installed. But now it is possible to edit the video professionally directly through the browser and without downloading, and for free as well.

This is done through the Kapwing application, which does not need to be downloaded and installed on the one hand, and on the other hand it is easy to handle and use, whether for those who need to edit their videos for simple purposes such as cutting and rotating, or to create clips professionally for YouTube or others.

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This application offers a wide range of features and features, but despite that, it has not abandoned its easy and simple interface. The app allows pulling video content from other sites and platforms instead of having to upload the video to it.

The app is available for free as long as it is used to produce 720p content with a maximum upload of 250MB clips for editing, and more features are available with a paid subscription.

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Edit video via browser

You can start using Kapwing by entering Application site. The user can insert the video from a direct link or upload it from his personal device.

The application provides a media library feature. It allows the user to add different media to rely on in the editing process. This library can be kept for use in subsequent video editing operations.

The application provides a Timeline feature that allows displaying the entire video content based on its frames for professional editing. It is a feature found in professional applications such as Adobe Premier and others. The application also allows cutting a portion of the video content, or splitting it into several videos, with the ability to add Layers.

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The app also offers a wide range of editing options, animations, and effects that can be used in the video. Smooth transitions can be added between video sections or between separate clips. In addition to the possibility of adding additional elements to the clip.

The app also allows to create subtitles automatically based on the audio in the clip. It also provides ready-to-use templates that allow converting clips into Instagram stories, LinkedIn posts, and more.

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The application allows extracting the clip in MP4 format after editing it, in addition to the ability to extract a copy of the audio in the clip in MP3 format. Kapwing also has the advantage that it does not add watermark to videos like other free video editing apps.

The app developers provide proof Easy to use for those who have not dealt with this type of application before.

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