PS5 Digital Edition + 2nd controller at o2: Only a few consoles available

Looking for a PlayStation 5 as a Christmas present? Then the current offer at o2 could be interesting: You get the coveted console in the Disc Edition including a second controller and mobile phone contract. We did the math and revealed whether the deal is worth it.

PS5 digital edition + 2nd controller + mobile phone tariff at o2

Update on November 3rd, 2021:

There are only a few PS5 consoles left in stock. If you still want to take the o2 offer with you, you should decide as soon as possible.

The PlayStation 5 is not only available again at o2 together with the “Free M” tariff, it has even become cheaper! You get the PS5 Digital Edition plus 2nd controller with Allnet and SMS flat rate with 20 GB 5G / LTE (300 Mbit / s) now for 39.99 euros per month. The PS5 consoles are only in limited number of pieces available.

An overview of the details of the “o2 Free M” tariff

Network: o2
20 GB LTE / 5G-Data volume (max. 300 MBit / s) Allnet and SMS flat rate EU roaming including 24 months minimum term, 3 months notice period

For 5 euros more per month, the console bundle is also available with the “o2 Free M Boost” and 40 GB LTE / 5G data volume as well as the option of using the tariff on several devices at the same time (“Connect option”).

Note, however, that the Offer sold out very quickly last time. The NextGen console is still completely out of stock at other retailers, check the current availability here:

How the PS5 performs compared to the Xbox Series X, you can find out in the video:

PS5 in the tariff bundle: These costs await you

The following calculation example applies to a term of 24 months with the “o2 Free M” tariff:

One-time payment for the PS5: 1 euro monthly basic fee for the o2 tariff with 20 GB: 24 × 39.99 euros one-time connection fee: 39.99 euros shipping costs: 4.99 euros total costs over 24 months contract period: 1,004.74 euros

PS5 with O2 Free-M contract: is the offer worth it?

Let’s get out the calculator: The PS5 Digital Edition costs 399.99 euros – at least in theory, because it is currently sold out everywhere. The second controller currently costs at least around 60 euros. If you subtract these values ​​from the total costs over a 24-month contract period, exactly 545.75 euros remain for the tariff. Corresponding 22.74 euros per month for an Allnet and SMS flat rate with 20 GB LTE / 5G data volume. The normal price for the “o2 Free M” tariff is 29.99 euros per month – so a good deal from that point of view.

In any case, do not forget to cancel in good time. If you don’t, the contract will automatically be extended for another year. However, the basic fee is reduced to 29.99 euros (Free M) or 34.99 euros (Free M Boost) from the 25th month.

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