PS5: Game functionality despite empty CMOS battery

Now that the PS4 has been freed from the CMOS problem, the PS5 also seems to have a long-term future. If the battery fails, the console does not seem to function significantly.

PS5: Game functionality despite empty CMOS battery

After the PS4 was released a few weeks ago by the CMOS problem could be freed, the PS5 now also seems to work with a defective or missing battery and without an Internet connection.

CMOS failure apparently no longer a problem

That’s according to a new analysis by Hikikomori Media, which appears to confirm that a PS5 with a missing or expired CMOS battery can now play physical and digital PS4 and PS5 games can perform.

The only exception is games that you own through a PlayStation Plus subscription. These no longer work with an expired or removed CMOS battery, which cannot be avoided for safety reasons.

The CMOS battery powers the internal clock of the PlayStation consoles. If it is removed or broken, the console will prompt the player to manually enter the date and time when it boots up and then attempt to synchronize the date and time online. If the PlayStation Network fails, this is not possible, which would affect the functionality of the console.

After much discussion and headlines on the subject over the course of the year, Sony released a firmware update for the PlayStation 4 in September, that ensuresthat the console will work even if the CMOS battery is dead. The PS5 has apparently also been updated to this effect.

More news about the PS5:

The PS5 will soon be celebrating its first birthday without the delivery situation having eased in the past twelve months. As before, the few available copies are sold out at dealerships in no time at all. In order to save Christmas as many prospects as possible, Sony reportedly began making the consoles by air to Europe bring to. It is still unclear whether German players will also benefit from this.

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