Python is the most popular language among programmers

Different languages Programming is very different from each other, although it is based on the same principles. Perhaps Python is one of the most prominent programming languages ​​due to its ease of learning and use.

But Python was not the most popular language among programmers in previous years, instead languages ​​such as Java, JavaScript, and C were maintaining the lead. However, this situation has changed.

This is because Tiobe, a company that specializes in analyzing and tracking the software market, has concluded that Python is the most popular language at the moment.

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Tiobe relies on tracking searches across 25 different search engines to reach its results. Therefore, these results reflect prevalence and not quality.

This is because the index is based entirely on the number of searches and not the number of programs formulated in the language or the like. But this is still a huge achievement for Python, as it is the first time it has come to the fore in more than twenty years.

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Python is the most popular programming language

Python was initially developed as an alternative to Perl, and it was also very limited. But now Python is becoming more and more expandable especially with hundreds of libraries supported. But the most notable factor about the Python programming language is its ease of learning.

According to Tiobe, Python has achieved a leading position among the fastest growing languages. Python gained 11.27% of searches, while C fell by 5.79%.

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Languages ​​such as C+, C#, JavaScript, and PHP are among the top ten most popular programming languages. In addition to other languages ​​such as Assembly Language.

has reveal One of the polls for the year 2020 with the participation of 17,000 programmers that the JavaScript language is still the most used among them, but this does not reflect the situation of all programmers around the world, while the Python language has attracted more than 2.2 million developers.

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In general, programming languages ​​are used to build different types of software, but most of them may support building the same types, and conversely, some languages ​​may be more specialized, and may be directed exclusively to programming for certain platforms, such as the PC platform or virtual reality platforms.

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