Qatar Biomedical Research Institute concludes its internship programme

Qatar Biomedical Research Institute concludes its internship programme

Doha: For students in grades 12 and 13 from Doha British School (DBS) and American School of Doha (ASD), the Qatar Biomedical Research Institute (QBRI) recently held its first School Internship Program.

The programme provided hands-on research experience and allowed aspiring scientists to learn more about QBRI’s groundbreaking work.

The programme was part of the institute’s efforts to build its capacity so that the next generation of scientists will want to work in the field. Seven students participated for two weeks and gained great knowledge about stem cells, diabetes, and neurological illnesses. Researchers from two QBRI research centres supervised this School Internship Program: the Neurological Disorder Research Center and the Diabetes Research Center.

The students learned about stem cells, biochemical assays, protein expression, protein purification, brain anatomy, cell culture, molecular genetics, and neuroinflammatory diseases.

Dr Nishant Vaikath, Research Associate, presented the students with a session titled “Tools for Efficient Scientific Literature Search – Basics” in addition to hands-on research experiences in QBRI’s advanced facilities.

“This program is one of our key capacity-building initiatives for youth in Qatar. During the internship program, we aim to help students attain hands-on experience while working closely with a group of experienced scientists,” said Lina Hassna, Senior Manager of Programs and Partnerships at QBRI.

“This was a valuable and amazing learning experience for me. I was mentored by two scientists from QBRI, who explained the equipment we worked with and provided hands-on training while learning about stem cell differentiation and working with proteins, ”Mariam Al Haggan, a DBS student, said.

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