Over the past 10 years, Qatar is 100% self-sufficient in blood donation: HMC


With high number of voluntary  donors, Qatar is 100 percent self-sufficient in blood donation for more than 10 years, said  Siddiqa Al Mahmoudi, Medical Director of the Blood Donor Centre at
Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC).

According to her, HMC’s Qatar Blood Services receive an average of 150-250 blood units from volunteer donors per day and more than 21,073 new blood donors have registered in this year only.

“We in Qatar have a large number of voluntary blood donors and we are proud of them, and they are the greatest achievement of this generous country. With their support we have saved hundreds of patients,” she opined.

“Our donors are our biggest pillar. Most of them donate blood on a regular basis.  During the weekdays we receive between 150 and 250 blood units form the donors and it increases up to 300 units on weekends,” she said. 

In December, Qatar Blood Services has launched a nationwide campaign to encourage citizens and residents to become regular blood donors.

The slogan of the campaign was ‘Qatar is our blood,’ and, as a result, more than 5200 citizens registered as volunteer blood donors until April-May

A donor must be a healthy, adult aged above 17 years old, with no significant chronic illness or previous infections, with the body weight of not less than 50 kg and haemoglobin level of not less than 13 g for male and 12.5 for female.

He/she must have adequate hours of sleep and must be free of any symptoms of fever and coughs or any other infections on the day of the donation.

Blood donors can donate at blood donations centre next to Hamad General Hospital ( HGH ) Sunday to Thursday from 7 am to 9.30 pm and Saturday from 8 am to 2 pm. 

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