Qatar calls for reconsidering its restrictions on unvaccinated

Doha: As the Covid-19 pandemic enters its third wave, Qatar has taken many cautious measures to limit the virus’s spread, including limiting admission to only fully vaccinated people in certain places.

Many people have resorted to social media to discuss the rights of persons who have not been vaccinated after these processes went into effect last Saturday, January 9, 2022.

On Twitter, a campaign titled “The rights of unvaccinated people in Qatar” has been trending and was the top trending hashtag at the time of publishing this post.

Some people used the hashtag to demand that officials ensure that everyone has access to their rights as long as Ehteraz’s status stays green.

“It is not permissible to prevent people from enjoying all their constitutional and human rights as long as Ehteraz is green, and this is no longer justified after the vaccine failed to prevent the spread of the Omicron mutant among those who received the vaccine, including me. We must live with Corona and not put ourselves in a big prison that harms our economy and society,” tweeted former editor-in-chief of Al-Arab newspaper, Abdullah Al-Athba.

Others have commented that the unvaccinated are deprived of several rights.

“We hope that the officials who took this decision will retract it because it is against the constitution, the law, and human rights… Therefore, we ask you to follow the example of the Ministry of Awqaf, which has reversed its decision to prevent non-vaccinated people from entering mosques,” said Fatima in another tweet.

“What is the fault of the unvaccinated person, who is forbidden to attend the book fair that I have been waiting for two years, forbidden to enter commercial centres, salons, and spas, forbidden to enter restaurants and cafes, in addition to all that, needs weekly Covid test for work,” tweeted Jemand.

In previous comments on the topic, Muhammad stated that some employers required employees who had not been vaccinated to take a Covid test every 48 hours at their own expense.

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