Qatar Charity provides food aid to over 2,200 construction workers

Doha: Qatar Charity (QC) provided food aid to many construction workers, praising such efforts that made them feel like part of the community.
Qatar Charity gave food aid to 2,200 company workers throughout the country as part of its food distribution program. There were fruits, juices, cold water, and sweets in the food aid.

As a thank you for their contributions to the country’s continuous development effort, QC is extending its efforts for the benefit of workers through this project, a press statement noted.

Fatima Jumah al-Mohannadi, Director of Programs and Community Development at QC, thanked Qataris who supported the charity’s campaigns and contributed generously to its programs in and outside Qatar.
QC is always eager to offer its services to the community’s diverse segments, according to her. Workers also deserve care and attention, as Qatar Charity believes. These are in recognition of their distinguished services and their remarkable role in the development of the country through the construction and other projects.
Qatar Charity has previously organized Iftars, implemented the Udhiyah program, and distributed winter aid to workers through many of its programmes and campaigns
QC has put a lot of effort into helping victims of the Covid-19 pandemic by providing them with aid and relief. They have been given food packages and prevention and treatment kits, as well as awareness campaigns in multiple languages.

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