Qatar Charity provides school supplies to orphans in Pakistan

Doha: 365 children in Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province received school materials from Qatar Charity (QC) in an effort to help satisfy their educational needs while also relieving financial stress on their families.

Syed Ahmad Hussain Shah, the advisor to the Chief Minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, expressed gratitude to Qatari benefactors for their support, particularly for orphans in the Mansehra district. Qatar Charity, he said, has been sponsoring children in Pakistan for decades.

According to him, education is the most crucial factor for the development of any nation, so organizations like Qatar Charity should devote more time and energy towards Pakistan’s education sector.

When Ameen Abdulrahman, the director of Qatar Charity’s Pakistan office, spoke, he said that social protection is one of Qatar Charity’s top priorities in order to help the poor live a good life.

He further said Qatar Charity started working with children in Pakistan in 1992 and now supports over 10,000 orphans in Pakistan, including those in Pakistan-administered Kashmir.

Qatar Charity’s Rafaqa initiative provides comprehensive care to over 180,000 children and orphans in various parts of the world. It carries out a variety of social, educational, and cultural projects for them in order to provide them with a dignified life.

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