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Qatar customs clearance system will be connected with other GCC states

A customs official said that there are plans in action to connect Qatar single window customs clearance system with other GCC states. The country’s single window customs clearance system Al Nadeeb will be connected through the GCC Information Center.

It is said that over 700 vehicles daily pass between the State of Qatar and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia daily. According to the Assistant Director of Land Customs Department at General Authority of Customs, Yousuf Ahmed Al Hammadi, around 700 vehicles cross the Abu Samra border which connects both aforementioned nations. 

While speaking in Qatar TV programme, Al Hammadi said that the number of vehicles crossing the border was recorded at 650 to 700 vehicles per day. He also mentioned that these records from the Abu Samra Border are taken before the Eid Al Adha.

“Abu Samra border crossing has witnessed a growing number of vehicles and passengers crossing since its reopening in mid-January 2021,” Al Hammadi said.

“During Eid Al Adha vacation, the number of vehicles doubled to 1,200 per day. New systems will be launched at the Abu Samra border crossing in the coming period to further enhance the operation,” Al Hammadi added.

He said that the single window customs clearance system Al Nadeeb connects all the departments and systems concerned. It is also worthy to note that the GAC uses advanced technologies and systems to facilitate and record the vehicle’s movements at the border crossing.

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