Qatar is all set to welcome the Balloon Festival on December 9

Doha: This year’s Qatar Balloon Festival runs from December 9 to 18. A frog, bear, tiger, fox, dog, clown, bear, and ship will be featured in this year’s festival, which will take place over a 10-day period.

Sheikh Abdulrahman bin Hassan Al-Thani, chairman of the organizing committee, said the festival fits well with Qatar’s vision and contributes to its positioning as an ideal global destination. “The 2nd edition of the balloon festival is strategically aligned with FIFA Arab World Cup in order to provide visitors, and locals with added thrill and excitement. The new addition to this event is the opportunity for the public to book a balloon ride at reduced prices subsidized by the festival.

Hamad Al Khaja of Qatar Tourism’s Technical Support Section said that the Qatar Balloon Festival will offer a unique experience to residents and visitors of Qatar during the upcoming FIFA. “We are working closely with our public and private sector partners to enrich the country’s calendar of events in a way that reflects Qatar’s position as a prestigious tourist destination, and to attend to the likings of visitors from different backgrounds and nationalities.

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