Qatar is doing everything it can to evacuate foreigners from Afghanistan

Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani, Qatar’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs said that Qatar striving hard for the evacuation of foreign nationals, Afghan citizens, and others from Kabul.

The Deputy Prime Minister told Fox News yesterday that Qatar is helping to evacuate foreigners and Afghans from Kabul, transiting them through Qatar before returning them to their home countries or the countries that will be receiving them.

“Tonight we are going to receive a large number of people and there are also many who were evacuated earlier have been processed or left either to their home countries or to the US or countries that will be allocated to them.” In Qatar, he said, there were 7,000 evacuees, but he said the number was growing. Qatar had been asked to mediate between the Taliban, US, and the Afghan government, he said in response to a question.

This has allowed us to help and support a variety of foreign nationals living in Afghanistan. As of right now, we’re working on getting people from their homes or offices In the process of evacuating some media outlets and schools, our embassy has been involved. As he explained, We are taking them to the airport and ensuring their safety throughout the way.”

“We are trying our best to help in evacuating people who want to leave Kabul.” Qatar, he said, was trying to make it easier for other countries to reach their citizens. Because the situation is still unstable, there are many challenges, according to the Deputy Prime Minister. “These challenges actually vary. There is safety and security issues and a lot of logistic challenges.”

He also said that Qatar was pressuring Taliban leaders to protect civilians, especially foreigners and diplomatic missions, and not mistreat them in any way.

According to him, it’s important for Americans to understand that the country has been through a variety of wars and conflicts, from civil wars to the Taliban-US war. “We cannot expect that situation will stabilise in a day or two, and it will take time.”

“It will need a lot of efforts and international consensus,” he said, urging the international community to unite in urging the Taliban to engage with other parties to have a peaceful transition. “Qatar is calling upon the Taliban on these matters and also urging the other countries to call upon the Taliban in the same manner.”

“We have seen some official statements from them ensuring the safety and security of foreigners. We are watching very closely and observing the situation on the ground. Until now we did not receive any report about a major crisis involving foreigners and we hope that it will not happen and we hope the Taliban will also act in a way to demonstrate to the world that the world can be with them,” he said.



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