Qatar strives hard for a peaceful power transition in Afghanistan

Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani, Qatar’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs has declared that Qatar is attempting to find a peaceful solution to the Afghan power-sharing issue.

When speaking to CNN, he added, “We need to engage (different parties) on a peaceful resolution there on the format of power-sharing where everybody is represented; protecting the minorities’ rights, protecting the basic human rights for people, for women as well right to education.”  And these are the rights that Qatar defends, he stated in his speech.

After Ashraf Ghani left office, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs indicated that Qatar has been mediating recent conversations between (the Taliban) and the government.

According to him, Qatar is doing its best to push the Taliban and convince them of the significance of acting and behaving like an engaged party, as part of Afghan society. Until they provide us with concrete answers, we cannot forecast what their actions will be. It was impossible for us to tell if they were rejecting or accepting the concepts that we put out to them.

Asked whether Qatar regretted having been able to help and bring peace between countries and save lives, he responded, “I think this will never happen for us as long as what we are doing with good faith as a country to save lives of people. Even we save a single life, we will be trying this way.”

The deputy prime minister’s tweet said: “It is imperative to unite international efforts to establish the proper conditions for a peaceful transition in Afghanistan, which assures civilian protection and maintains the rights of ALL Afghan people.”

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