Qatar Tourism to begin the “World Class Chefs” initiative this month

Doha: Qatar Tourism will begin the “World Class Chefs” initiative this month. The initiative is organised in collaboration with Qatar Aircraft Catering Company (QACC), Qatar Airways, and Kings of Kitchen.

The initiative aims to enhance the country’s cuisine and explore investment opportunities. Under the initiative, Qatar Tourism will welcome top chefs of the world.

“The food & beverage sector in Qatar is reflective of the country’s patchwork of residents and is a key element of our tourism offering.  Food-related events are extremely popular in the country. We are excited to introduce the ‘World Class Chefs’ project, along with the return of beloved events such as the Qatar International Food Festival, in the coming months. With a multitude of food experiences, such initiatives help showcase the country’s offerings in the sector to more varied audiences.” commented Berthold Trenkel.

At the end of October, the “World Class Chefs” project will be launched with the visit of Michelin-starred French chef Julien Roucheteau. Qatar Tourism facilitates investment opportunities in numerous tourism sub-sectors, notably the hospitality sector, enhancing Qatar’s reputation as an internationally renowned tourist destination.

Recently many initiatives have been launched to enhance Qatar’s hospitality, retail, and food & beverage sectors by Qatar Tourism. Among them are the “Qatar Clean” program, developed in collaboration with the Ministry of Public Health, as well as the Virtual Food Festival “Chefs of Qatar” and the country’s most acclaimed food festival, the Qatar International Food Festival.

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