Qatar weather updates: Wet weather tonight on the coast with some clouds in the sea

As per the reports from the Meteorological Department, the weather tonight is expected to be humid on the coast until 6.00 AM tomorrow, Friday. At sea, the weather will sometimes accompany some clouds.

The winds on the coast are mostly northeast to southeasterly at a speed of 4 to 14 knots, which will change the direction later. On the sea, the winds are mostly northwest to southwesterly at a speed of 4 to 14 knots.

The horizontal visibility ranges between 4 and 9 km.

The height of the waves on the coast ranges between 1 and 3 feet. In the sea, it ranges between 2 and 4 feet.

The expected minimum temperature in Doha is 33 degrees Celsius.

The dates of the tides are as follows:

Al Khor:

The highest tide is at 11:25 in the evening and the lowest at 9:20 in the evening.


The highest tide is at four in the morning, and the lowest tide is at 10:17 in the evening.


The highest tide is at eight in the evening, and the lowest is at the second and 38 minutes at night.

The sun will rise tomorrow, God willing, at five and three minute

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