Qatar will continue to do the necessary to ensure peace in Afghanistan

Qatar believes in the importance of negotiations to reach peaceful solutions for the burning atmosphere in Afghanistan. The State of Qatar will continue its work to achieve peace in the country.

Dr Mutlaq bin Majed Al Qahtani, the Special Envoy of the Minister of Foreign Affairs for Counterterrorism and Mediation in Conflict Resolution said that Qatar will continue its role as long as it can play (a role) to achieve peace in Afghanistan.

“We believe in the importance of negotiations to reach a peaceful solution and Qatar will continue its role to achieve peace in Afghanistan,” in a statement to Qatar TV yesterday.

“We are fully convinced that there is no military solution to these conflicts and they must be resolved through negotiations and a peaceful solution,” Al Qahtani said.

He also noted about the issue in power-sharing in Afghanistan, “As for the issue of power-sharing (is concerned), or participating in the government or the transitional government, or any other kind in such circumstances, it is a matter of the Afghans themselves.”

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