QMD: Cold and windy weather in Qatar this weekend

QMD: Cold and windy weather in Qatar this weekend

Doha: The Qatar Meteorology Department (QMD) issued a weekend weather forecast that warned of strong winds and high seas in several areas. The weather will likewise be cool, with some clouds and dust blowing.

This weekend’s temperatures will vary from 12 to 21 degrees Celsius.

The wind will be primarily northwesterly at 18-28 KT inshore, gusting to 35 KT on Friday, and 20-32 KT offshore, gusting to 42 KT. The wind will continue to blow in the same direction the next day, gusting to 35 KT offshore and reaching 24 KT inshore.

Sea heights will vary from 3-6 feet inshore to 10 to 15 feet offshore on Friday. On Saturday, the waves will range from 2 to 5 feet inshore, peaking to 8 feet inshore and 12 feet offshore. The weekend will have mostly 4-8 km visibility, with 3 km or less in certain locations.

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