QMD published the monthly climate information chart for February

Doha: As February begins as the second coldest month of the year, the winter season draws to a close. According to the Qatar Meteorology Department’s (QMD) monthly climate information chart, February will feature “unstable weather at the leading edge of the frontal systems which cause thunderstorm activity mostly during the night”.

QMD also stated that this month’s average rainfall is 13.99mm, which is the highest for the winter season. The prevailing wind for February is similarly expected to be from the northwest.

For the month, the average daily temperature is 18.6 degrees Celsius. The average temperature for this month will be 18.6 degrees Celsius, which is slightly higher than last month’s average of 17.7 degrees Celsius.

In February, the lowest and highest temperatures recorded were 5.0 degrees Celsius (1967) and 36.5 degrees Celsius, respectively (2002).

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