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QU is the hub of innovations and inventions; prof at QU shares his experience

Prof Shaheen Abdulhafez al-Muhtaseb who specialises in advanced materials science and its applications said that Invention and innovation are encouraged at Qatar University (QU). He is a professor of Chemical Engineering in the College of Engineering, QU.

“A number of international patents were completed during my tenure at QU in the field of advanced materials science and their applications. Some patents have already been granted, and others are filed or under preparation. Devising method to produce carbon nano-rods and nano-wires is perhaps one of the most important granted patents, in view of its potential application in miniature industries and technologies.” Prof Shaheen Abdulhafez al-Muhtaseb said while discussing the major inventions patented in QU.

“Other patents include the invention of more effective and environment-friendly alternative methods to crosslink and template polymers and methods for the micro-encapsulation of phase change materials. These are significant inventions because of the potential impact of these methods on improving the production of these materials,” he added.

“Qatar University plays a major role in enabling a favourable environment for inventions and innovation. In this regard, I would like to acknowledge the active role of the Office of Innovation and Intellectual Property at Qatar University in the filtering and administration of patents registration. I would like also to commend the support provided by the Office of Research Support at Qatar University. Due credit should be given to the Central Laboratories Unit and the Department of Chemical Engineering at Qatar University for its role in obtaining high-quality measurements, which contributed to the investigation and validation of the different inventions.” Prof Shaheen said.

“Obtaining the financial and qualitative support for long-term and medium-term projects is one of the most important factors in achieving inventions. Thanks are due to the Qatar National Research Fund, as one of the most significant providers of this kind of support. Further, it is also important to engage a team of scientifically and professionally experienced team of researchers who have a passion for learning and exploring unusual ideas.” he shared his experience from the journey as an inventor.

“Besides, a defined scientific strategy to investigate areas of improvements in advanced materials science and applications needs to be adopted, with due consideration to consider environment-friendliness and avoiding complications without compromising their efficiency. Likewise, we need to keep pace with the scientific developments in relation to areas of concern.”

Prof Shaheen also discussed his future research projects: “Contributing to the dissemination and application of knowledge that benefits the society is one of my most important research goals. To reach this goal, different innovations need to be developed to increase their technology readiness levels and marketing potentials. Providing sufficient funding is also important for this goal,”

He added that inventors have a constant desire to explore the unknown and look for “buried gold” within them. “This is why they are always extremely busy, which reminds me of a jest about an inventor who dreamed of creating an invention to expand time.”

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