Razer’s futuristic Zephyr mask is on sale

The Razer Zephyr face mask is now available to the public after several months of tweaking and beta testing.

And you can buy it From The $99.99 basic kit includes the mask, carrying case, USB-C charging cable, anti-fog spray, and three sets of replaceable N95 filters that cover you for nine days of use.

And if you want to include more filters in your purchase, the $149.99 version includes everything mentioned above, plus 33 filter sets for 99 days of filtered use.

You can buy the filters in sets of 10 for $29.99, which gives you 30 days of use.

The Zephyr is a completely different brand of Razer product and could be one of its most important products to date.

The brand is mostly known for its gaming accessories and PC components. But the Zephyr mask is meant to keep people healthy.

The company says the Zephyr mask is not a medical device or PPE, and has not been specifically tested against the coronavirus.

The company did not share whether it was seeking further approval. It is now marketed as an air purifier.

The company explains that its N95 filters have a 99 percent BFE bacteria filtration efficiency. It claims the mask can filter out 99 percent of air particles as small as 0.3 microns.

Notably, the company says it provides this level of protection for inhaled and exhaled air. To install the filters, simply remove the magnetically attached caps of the air valves and filter hole with the black part facing the mask.

Another filter is inserted under the clear plastic window. Each set of N95 filters can be used for up to 72 hours before they become ineffective at filtration.

The company says that if you spend an extended period of time in a high-risk environment, you should replace the filters as soon as possible.

The Zephyr has style and features you wouldn’t normally see with the average face mask. And it looks like a futuristic gas mask, with Chroma RGB lining the edges of the air inlet and where the N95 filters are installed.

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Razer has turned the mask into an actual product

LED lights are mostly used for aesthetics. But it is also promoted as an accessibility feature because it works in conjunction with the transparent window that covers the mouth. Lip reading could be made and more nonverbal cues picked up that masks could mask.

The Zephyr features fans near the filters that are meant to make breathing easier. A button via the mask can operate the fans and switch between two speeds: 4200 and 6200 rpm.

There is a third air chamber near the bottom of the mouth area. But it does not contain a fan.

The company promised to install speakers and subwoofers in the Zephyr. However, this feature did not reach the first generation of this product.

According to the company, removing the feature allowed the mask to be made lighter, with the addition of larger air valves. However, it is not ruled out that the feature will appear in future versions of the mask.

The Zephyr can be operated entirely through the built-in buttons. But it also supports Bluetooth connectivity to control its RGB lights via the Zephyr app for Android and iOS.

Its built-in battery is supposed to last up to eight hours per charge. But that’s if you’re not using any RGB lights and you set the fans to their lowest setting.

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