Recover icloud account via contacts

Apple recently added in the iOS 15 update a feature to recover iCloud account via trusted contacts.

This feature helps users recover their accounts that they lost access to or forgot their password without having to contact Apple.

This feature works on both iPhone and iPad devices, and it allows you to regain access to your iCloud account.

Use contacts to recover iCloud account

First, you need to prepare the contacts you use to restore the account, by following these steps:

All of your Apple devices must be using the latest version of their systems in addition to being registered with the same iCloud account.

Then go to the Settings app on your phone, and then tap on your iCloud account bar.

After that, head over to the Passwords and Security settings.

And then click on restore account, and then add contacts to restore the account.

The device then asks you to confirm your identity by unlocking it using your fingerprint or face print, and then choose the contacts you want to restore through and press Add.

How to recover icloud account through contacts

The device sends a message to the user you selected that you would like to be the backup contact to restore your account.

The user must go to the link that he accesses in the message for confirmation, and then you can use the recovery of your account via this contact directly.

New iOS 15 Security Features

Apple has added a lot of new security features to iOS 15, in order to improve its use and protect users.

The most important features in the new system are iCloud+, in addition to the email protection feature.

With the new email protection features, you can prevent websites from accessing your real email when you sign up for them.

You can also prevent websites from tracking your emails when you receive a message and there are hidden trackers in it.

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