Reset Nintendo Switch and delete all data

Nintendo Switch devices get a new hardware update represented by a new screen for the device and after minor differences.

These new differences and upgrades may prompt users to consider selling their old devices and buying a newer version of the device.

While you may not use your Nintendo Switch to hold a lot of personal information, it may hold a variety of different information such as bank card numbers and phone numbers.

This is in addition to game progress data and copies of games you have previously purchased.

You may also need to transfer data from the old device to the new device if you are considering purchasing a new copy of the device.

Transfer data from old Nintendo Switch to new one

This step is needed if you are getting a new Switch device, and you can avoid it if you are only getting rid of the device.

After the data transfer between the two devices is completed, it is deleted from the old device and kept in the new one.

So you must make sure that you want to stay in the new device, as you lose all the data and you will not be able to return it to the old device.

The process of transferring data between the two devices takes some time, so you should wait and be patient for the data transfer process to finish.

Using a memory card to transfer data

You can use the memory card to transfer data between the two devices, by taking the old card and placing it directly in the new device.

You can also transfer data between cards, but you need to use a PC to do this.

Computers treat Nintendo memory cards like regular memory cards, so you can use a file browser to transfer the cards.

Animal Crossing Island Transfer

Animal crossing does not have the ability to store backups in cloud servers.

So you need to transfer the islands data and your game progress manually via the in-game islands data transfer tool.

You need to take a backup of your island and your progress in the game first and then rely on the island transfer tool directly.

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Reformat Nintendo Switch and delete all files

You need to connect your device to the Internet before you begin to reformat the device, so you can delete all data stored on it, as well as delete it from your devices library.

And if you don’t use the Internet, you can still see the device in front of you in your device list even after you delete data from it.

You can delete the data by following these steps:

Head to the main menu, then choose System Settings, and then head to the System tab from the left side.

You find an option in the system settings menu called Configuration Options, and after you go to it, you will find a set of options related to reformatting.

You have to go to the last option and activate it, it’s called platform configuration.

After that, you will see a set of messages asking you to confirm the configuration of the device and the deletion of its data.

And when the screen with the red button appears, you will not be able to go back and cancel the reformatting process.

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