Ring Fit Adventure for Switch is currently available at the best price

Get fitter while gaming – that’s possible! Amazon is selling Nintendo’s clever fitness game Ring-Fit Adventure at the best price.

Update on November 11, 2021: Ring Fit Adventure including the Ring Controller is currently available at a special price on Singles Day. Amazon currently only requires 54.23 euros Instead of the RRP of 89.99 euros, the clever fitness adventure has rarely been this cheap. To get the price, you have to activate the discount coupon on the Amazon product page, the final price will then be displayed in the shopping cart.

Ring Fit Adventure: Price normalizes – some games are immediately available again

During the social distancing in 2020, one game for the Nintendo Switch sold particularly well: “Ring Fit Adventure” helped many keep moving despite closed gyms and contact restrictions in their own walls. The game bundle with the “fitness ring” was so popular that it was sometimes no longer available or was only sold at twice the introductory price.

After the start of sales in October 2019, Ring Fit Adventure was available for around 70 euros. The price history on shows that the game has seen an enormous price increase up to 159 euros from April 2020. The reason for this was the exploded demand during the corona-related contact restrictions and the resulting availability problems. These bottlenecks lasted until May, before the price fell to a still high 89.99 euros and then fluctuated between 80 and 90 euros. In 2021 the price normalized again to a level around 70 euros, with occasional special offers between 50 and 60 euros.

Ring Fit Adventure: Who is it worth buying for?

Ring Fit Adventure is ideal for all gamers and couch potatoes who can motivate themselves to a playful “workout” more easily when the weaker self cannot be overcome to go to the gym. We tried the game and were able to give a solid 8.5 out of 10 points. You can find out what you can experience on the fitness adventure and whether the exercises can replace a real workout in our Ring Fit Adventure review.

Tip: In a separate article we reveal which are the best games for Nintendo Switch 2020.

Note: Are you the owner of one Nintendo Switch Lite, we have to disappoint you: Ring Fit Adventure is not with the cheap lite version compatible, since the Joy-Cons and the display on a television are required for playing. The purchase is only worthwhile for you if you have the standard version of the Nintendo Switch.

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