RTLplus Mediathek: This is how you see the program on the Internet

With RTLup (formerly RTLplus), the RTL Group launched a TV channel for the so-called “best agers” in June 2016. As it should be with every modern television station, you can also catch up on RTLup programs in the media library if you miss an episode. Find out where you can find the media library and what features you can expect here at GIGA.

You can find the RTLup media library and other media libraries of the RTL Group on RTL +. Currently, the television program consists largely of past Court shows, doctor and Crime series as Sitcoms. If you missed an episode, you can easily catch up on it with RTL + in many cases.

RTLup media library – functions & broadcasts

Most German programs can be viewed free of charge in the RTLup media library on RTL +. Regardless of whether it is “The Trovatos”, “The Criminal Court” or “The Campers”: You can catch up on the broadcasts of the up to 7 days after the broadcast on RTLup in the media library.

In contrast to the media libraries of the public broadcasters, the private broadcaster’s online services are also financed by advertising, which is why you also have to be prepared for advertisements to be displayed before and during the broadcast at the RTLup media library. Currently, episodes from the following programs can be viewed in the RTLup media library:

The Family Court The Juvenile Court The Criminal Court The Campers The Nanny The Trovatos Behind Bars – The Frauenknast Medicopter 117 Murder Cases USA Nikola Rita’s World Public Prosecutor Posch investigates missing

Anyone who would like to see more content and less advertising can take out the paid “RTL + Premium” subscription for 4.99 euros per month. With the subscription you can also watch RTLup in the live stream. So you can also receive the station on your computer, smartphone or tablet if you don’t have a TV nearby.

RTLup media library – are there alternatives?

There are no alternatives for the media library itself, as the offer from RTL + is the official media library. If you are only looking for the live stream from RTLup, you will find it in addition to the official “RTL + Premium” subscription on Magenta TV, and Zattoo.

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