Russia bans sales of Samsung phones due to lawsuit

reported RIA Novosti news agency reported that the Moscow Arbitration Court banned the Korean company Samsung and its Russian subsidiary from importing, selling and storing 61 models of its smartphones.

According to another RIA report, the court’s ruling has been appealed and has not yet entered into force.

The lawsuit, filed by a Switzerland-based company, alleges that Samsung Pay is in violation of an electronic payment system patent registered in Russia.

The list includes phones from 2017 (Samsung Galaxy J5) to the latest Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and Samsung Galaxy Fold.

This is stated in the published operative part of the additional decision regarding Swiss Sqwin SA’s claim.

And the European company had previously demanded to stop using the payment service Samsung Pay because it violates its rights to invent the electronic payment system protected by a Russian patent.

The court granted the claim. In July, defendants were barred from bringing Samsung Bay-enabled products within the borders of the Russian Federation.

The decision at the time did not refer to specific prohibited models. So Sqwin SA has filed a petition for lack of explanations in the decision.

The new decision was announced on October 19. The defendants appealed the decision of the Court of First Instance, and it has not yet entered into legal force.

according to for service Federal Intellectual Property Office, the author of the invention is Viktor Golchenko, who lives in Switzerland, and the patent holder is Sqwin SA.

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Samsung appealed the court’s decision

The patent filing date is indicated on April 23, 2019, while the starting point for its validity is December 2, 2013.

Samsung Pay was launched in 2015, and appeared in Russia a year later. Samsung Pay is the third most popular contactless payment system in the country, with 17% of citizens using it.

Google Pay ranks first with 32 percent of users, followed by Apple Pay with 30 percent.

According to the experts, Google Pay and Apple Pay may also fall into lawsuits, as the systems could also be subject to wording specified in the Sqwin SA patent.

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