Samsung Galaxy S22: Plus model will be a visual treat

Samsung will probably only introduce a small optical upgrade with the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22 Plus. But one detail in the Plus model could have a lasting impact on the look of the medium-sized top smartphone and have a positive effect.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus with a narrower chin

A problem with many Android smartphones is the proportions of the front. The frame around the screen is usually only thin at the edges. The forehead and chin are very different and make for an uneven design. Apple does that much better with the iPhone. There is that Frame around the screen the same. This is exactly what Samsung should finally achieve with the Galaxy S22 Plus.

The rumors that the new Galaxy phone could look similar to the iPhone continue to grow. Samsung will of course not install a notch in the Galaxy S22 Plus. However, with the flat back and the uniform shape of the frame around the screen, the similarities can be significantly greater. The cell phone should then look that uniform:

Basically, the design of the Galaxy S21 Plus would be retained, but Samsung would improve in many small details. But this should only apply to the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22 Plus. The Galaxy S22 Ultra has a completely different design with a significantly thicker chin (source: Ice universe). The ultra smartphone is more of a successor to the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra with S Pen and is basically almost completely separated from the series.

Many Samsung smartphones will soon receive the Android 12 update. in the Video do you see what is changing:

Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus: Presentation next year

In the past few weeks there have been rumors that Samsung could introduce the Galaxy S22 series as early as December in order to respond to the iPhone 13. Nothing will come of that, because now speculation is growing that February 2022 has been set. So we have to be patient a little longer.

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