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Scan the QR codes of the Luca app with the Corona warning app – this is how it works

Users of the Corona warning app have been waiting a long time for this update: From now on it is finally possible to scan QR codes for check-in with the luca app with the Corona warning app.

Corresponding codes can be found at the entrance to many public places. So far, you had to carry both the luca app and the Corona warning app on your smartphone, as some providers only provided codes for one or the other app. This has an end from now on. If you only find one code for the luca app in a restaurant, cinema or other public place, you no longer need the much-criticized application, but can also check in using the reliable Corona warning app.

Can I scan a QR code for the luca app with the Corona warning app?

The new update also offers a relief for location owners, after all, you have to no longer print out two codes and offer to let users of the various applications check in. The introduction of the QR codes in the luca app does not change the functionality of the codes or the Corona warning app.

In contrast to the luca app, the contact details of the corona warning app are also used not forwarded to the health department when the luca code is scanned. It is only displayed within the Corona warning app, whether there is a risk contact gave. The prerequisite is that a Covid 19 diagnosis is registered by the corresponding user within the app.

Conversely, it is not yet possible with the luca app to scan check-in codes that were issued for the Corona warning app.

Corona warning app scans luca codes

The new scan function is available in the Corona-Warn-App from version 2.13.1. You don’t have to open a separate menu for the luca QR code. The makers made the scan function universal. So simply use the blue scan button on the start page of the Corona warning app to scan the QR code provided for the luca app. Users who have frequently forgotten to check out in the luca app now have it easier, as there is an automatic check-out in the Corona warning app.

Of course, the luca app remains active and can also be used to scan the codes provided for it. The fresh “CWA” update introduces support for the luca QR codes, an overview of the hospitalization rate and a recycle bin function for accidentally deleted vaccination certificates. In addition, authorized persons now receive a push notification via the app with the recommendation for a “booster” vaccination. The update will be rolled out immediately and should be installed automatically on your mobile phone.

Source: RKI

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