Scott Disick “is freaking out” after Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker’s engagement

Scott Disick.

Scott Disick.

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Despite the stir caused by the news of the engagement between Kourtney kardashian and Travis barker, there is someone who is not very happy with the couple’s wedding plans. It is about the ex and father of the three children of the socialite, the businessman Scott disick, who according to several people, is on the verge of “losing his mind.” What was that he say? Read on to find out.

It was the afternoon of last Sunday that the couple of the moment turned to their social networks to announce that they will soon join their lives in marriage, causing an instant stir among their millions of followers. Although several celebrities did not take long to congratulate the lovers, there was a reaction that caused a lot of expectation: that of Scott Disick, who in addition to being a former partner of the businesswoman, is the father of her three children.

And, although Scott Disick has remained silent after the announcement, according to some sources, It has been revealed that he is not having a good time and it has been a very hard subject to faceWell, let’s remember that for years the businessman has made his interest in returning with Kourtney more than notorious.

According to the Page Six portal, Disick “is going crazy” at the news of his ex: “He is falling into a bottomless pit. It’s really bad. The situation is about to get very dark “stated a source close to him.

Secondly, Hollywood Life published the statements of another person close to the founder of Talentless, where he assured that the possibility of a marriage between the eldest of the Kardashian sisters and the musician had him “very worried” for a long time.

It is sure that you will always be connected to the family by the children, but if Kourtney goes ahead in this relationship and even if she possibly gets married, it will be a big blow because it was not with him, “he told the portal.

Although the expectation about Scott Disick’s reaction to his ex-girlfriend’s future marriage has only increased through social networks, the famous one has decided to stay on the sidelines and not comment on it.

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