Security officer honoured for raising traffic awareness in Qatar

Doha: Traffic Awareness Department, representing the General Directorate of Traffic, recognized security personnel’s efforts toward regulating traffic and promoting traffic awareness in Qatar.

The event honoured Abu Bakr Saeed Bui and Abu Bakr Ali Muhammad for their efforts to control traffic around the Lycee Bonaparte School in Qatar.

Security personnel earned recognition after a video of them assisting residents, including children, to cross the road became viral. In the video, the security officer enthusiastically directs the residents to cross the street after school hours while holding a stop sign. 

They also recognized Anmar Abdul Latif Abdullah Al Saaydah for his efforts and collaboration with the Traffic Awareness Department. Lieutenant-Colonel Jaber Muhammad Odaiba, Assistant Director of Traffic Awareness Department, and Colonel Dr Muhammad Radi Al-Hajri, Director of Traffic Awareness Department, presented the honour.

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