Self-destructing messages in Facebook Messenger

Self-destructing messages are one of the newest ways to protect the privacy of messages and users, which is why Facebook Messenger has just started using it.

This technology makes messages disappear automatically after they reach the user you are sending them to, so messages disappear after reading them.

But the user can take a screenshot containing the message right before it disappears, so don’t rely on it 100%.

Instagram has self-destructing messages as well, and it works in a similar way to Facebook Messenger.

Using the Self-Destructing Messages Feature in Facebook Messenger

You need to use the Messenger app on your phone before you can use this feature, as it is not available through the site.

You can activate this feature in Messenger by following these steps:

Head to the conversation you want to send self-destructing messages in, and then swipe up from the bottom up.

Using self-destructing messages in Facebook Messenger

A message appears asking you to hold the screen for a few seconds until you start using invisibility or self-destructing messages.

Using self-destructing messages in Facebook Messenger

And when you start using self-destructing messages, the app screen turns completely black.

And if the other party takes a screenshot, the app sends you an alert telling you that they took a screenshot.

And when you want to turn off invisibility and self-destructing messages, all you have to do is tap on the option to close invisibility or drag the screen down again.

And when you turn off the invisibility mode, all the messages you sent are completely gone, and the other party can only recover the self-destructing messages if they take a screenshot.

Therefore, this feature is suitable for those who need to send sensitive or dangerous messages and do not want them to be available to any other user.

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Other apps that have self-destructing message mode

A group of chat applications have the feature of self-destructing messages, as the feature appeared for the first time in the Telegram application.

After that, it started spreading to other platforms and imitating it, and you can use this feature in WhatsApp as well.

Signal also has a similar feature, and the feature automatically hides messages after reading them, and prevents the third party from taking a screenshot.

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