Serial rapist falls, is linked to at least 27 attacks since 2012

Serial rapist Mexico City

Serial rapist Mexico City

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Miguel “N”, alleged serial rapist who attacked in Mexico City, he was detained by elements of the Investigative Police of the Attorney General’s Office (FGJ).

The man is linked to at least 27 sexual assaults. ANDTherefore, 13 research folders are linked to the same person, according to the localized genetic material.

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“Personnel of this Prosecutor’s Office integrates all the necessary data, as well as the confrontation of her genetic profile in the different investigations to bring this possible serial rapist before a control judge, “said Prosecutor Ernestina Godoy in a virtual press conference.

The alleged sexual offender had been wanted for years, approximately since 2012.

The investigations report that he approached the victims under the pretext of asking them for a place. Later, he threatened them with a sharp weapon, hugged them to pretend they were a couple, and took them to isolated places to sexually assault them.

The Prosecutor’s Office identified the physical characteristics of the 56-year-old man, with which the General Coordination of Forensic Investigation and Expert Services made a spoken portrait of the possible aggressor.

It is presumed that it operated in a corridor parallel to the Peripheral Ring, from north to south, from the Miguel Hidalgo mayor’s office to Magdalena Contreras.

During the arrest, the elements found him about 40 plastic bags allegedly of marijuana.

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