Settings you need to change on iPhone 13 first


A lot of users started getting their iPhone 13 phones, after the start of pre-orders for the phone.

iPhones from the company come equipped with a set of pre-activated settings from the company, and these settings are not always the best choice.

So sometimes you have to change some pre-made settings from the company so that you can use the phone better.

These settings work with any phone that uses iOS 15, so you can change them with any phone that supports the system.

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Activate the Bulk Alerts feature on iPhone 13

Apple introduced this new feature in iOS 15 for all phones, through which you can group alerts together and get a summary of them at one time of the day at once.

This feature helps you focus on your work as well, because it sends you alerts all at once instead of directly as they arrive.

You can use this feature by going to the Alerts section in Settings and then selecting Alert summary feature.

Customize your control center

You can control all your phone settings and uses by using the system control center, and you can access the control center quickly by dragging the screen down.

You can also control the settings in the Control Center, which appear to you quickly through the Control Center in the Settings application.

And you can add any button or option that you want to access quickly via the control center options in the settings menu.

Apple added this feature to the iPhone 13 and iOS 15 phones, through which you can record the use of applications for different powers.

This feature also helps you to know what applications are accessing, how often you access them, and the uses for which you have used this permission.

It is a useful feature for privacy lovers or security researchers who want to monitor the applications installed in their phones.

Choose your preferred Safari interface

Apple launched a new interface for the Safari application in iOS 15 phones, and you can control the use of the new or old interface as you wish.

By going to the Settings application, then choosing Safari, and choosing the application interface, and you can use the new interface, which is improved and allows you to see a larger part of the screen.

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