Shura Council elections in Qatar are expected to have a high voter turnout

Aspiring Shura Council candidates are still registering at Qatar University, where the Candidates’ Committee has its headquarters. Tomorrow is the last day to submit applications (Thursday). Many aspirants registered their candidacy in the last three days. 
It is expected that a large number of voters will turn out on election day, as this will be the first time in Qatar’s history that elections for the Shura Council have been held.
Citizens have the opportunity to participate in the decision-making process through this democratic exercise. Comparatively, the next Shura Council will have more power than the last one did. As a result, it can summon ministers, issue and amend laws and monitor the government’s work.
Women’s and youth’s issues, as well as environmental issues, figure prominently in the election programmes of those who wish to run for election. As part of their mandate, they also monitor and protect public projects, public money, and the right to freedom of speech.
“There is good organisation of work by the Candidates’ Committee. The procedures in general are easy and quick.  Waiting time is just around five to 10 minutes.” said Lahdan Issa Al Hassan Al Mohannadi, a citizen who has nominated himself as a candidate for constituency No 20. In his opinion, the elections for the Shura Council are an important opportunity for the people to participate in the decision-making process.
“The upcoming Council may need many new rules and regulations and the new members have many powers granted to them by the Constitution. But it is upon new elected members to know how to use these powers. They can propose laws, monitor the government and the public budget. These are the most important things in today’s democratic world.”

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