Signal founder makes fun of NFT madness

announce The founder of secure messaging app Signal, better known as Moxi Marlinspike, has tweeted that he has created and put up for sale a non-fungible NFT token that changes its appearance depending on the platform or user accessing it.

This way, the token, titled At my whim, appears differently across the OpenSea platform than it does on the Rarible platform. This is although, according to Marlinspike, this is not a unique feature of this numeric-only symbol.

According to Marlinspike, a person who buys and owns their NFT sees it as an emoji for a pile of poo in their wallet.

Marlinspike seems to do this to indicate that he is denouncing the fragility and weakness of NFT, which is supposed to serve as a sort of permanent record of owning a piece of art or media.

An NFT is a unique digital token that is stored on a blockchain. But in most cases, it represents a record that is across the string. While the image is stored elsewhere.

The data found via NFT images is not stored in the blockchain. But it represents a URL that points to the work. Thus, although the NFT is a unique record containing information about its owner, the image is stored elsewhere, as the image hosting site.

This means that people who are paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for it may be at the mercy of image hosts that operate independently of the blockchain.

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Signal founder tries to explain fragility NFT

This means that anyone who controls the domain name can change the NFT’s image or name and its appearance at any time, said the founder of Signal.

He added, “When you look at the most popular NFT, there are tokens that are being sold for a lot of money. The NFT image comes from a virtual private random server that uses Apache Server.

And Marlinspike claimed that his NFT does so by default. “The data in the NFT image may change, as the NFT depends on the Internet protocol or user agent of the request being made,” he said.

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