Skyrim’s predecessor is getting a remake that already looks great

The remake Skyblivion invites all players to re-explore Oblivion for free. It’s one of the biggest modding projects of our time – and it will take the Skyrim predecessor to a whole new level.

These are the biggest modding projects in the already large Skyrim community: Skyblivion (remake of Oblivion) ​​and Skywind (remake of Morrowind) are on the path to completion, both of which are quite advanced. What Skyrim modders and fans do, you already have in wonderful Enderal experience (and if not, play it now!).

In one about 20 minute video the Skyblivion team introduces you to what awaits you in the unofficial remake of Oblivion. With the help of the creation engine of The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim they renew the entire game, including every single blade of grass and NPCs. In addition, Skyblivion is to be even larger than the original Oblivion – based on official sketches and artwork that Bethesda was unable to implement itself.

Skyblivion: Much more than a remake

The Skyblivion project started nine years ago, although a much smaller team was still working on the remake mod at the time. A lot has happened since then, as you can see in the video above: The modders around the project are not afraid of Oblivion can be changed and expanded according to the cart.

During the beautiful Autumn forest is embellished and enlarged is also preserved Leyawiin a gigantic update: the city is being enlarged according to several official Bethesda artworks, exactly as it was originally planned. In Skyblivion, Leyawiin will take up more space so that ships can cross the river right through the city. There will also be more houses, shops and a division into a poorer and a rich neighborhood.

According to the countries bordering on Cyrodiil will be Border crossings as fortresses designed: A transition to Schwarzmarsch, the home of the Argonians, or a transition to Elswyer. However, you will probably not be able to cross it – the whole thing is more about immersion in the action.

Skyrim with 100+ mods is a completely new role-playing game, the content of which you can determine yourself:

NPCs, objects, animals, plants and buildings are all renewed with the help of the Creation Engine, so it’s actually a huge remake that at least makes me want to dive back into Oblivion. Unfortunately there isn’t one yet Release date the free mod; however, the spokesman explains in the video that after all these years at least an end is in sight.

If you yourself Knowledge of programming and modding the Skyblivion team will probably greet you with open arms: visit the mod’s official site to participate!

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