Soundtrack for the game and length of the campaign

The full soundtrack for Call of Duty: Vanguard is now available to listen to. We also found out for today’s release how long the campaign will keep you busy.

The new “Call of Duty” can now be played. In addition to an extensive multiplayer and a zombie mode, you will also get a classic story campaign again. This year you will once again be on different fronts of the Second World War.

But how long have you been in campaign mode? According to the test reports published today you can walk to a length of about 6 hours to adjust. This means that the campaign is roughly the same length as in the previous offshoots.

Compared to “Black Ops Cold War” there doesn’t seem to be any collectibles or anything like that. Trophy hunters have a lot to do with the various challenges, however. It’s mainly about how you take out opposing soldiers. For example, you are not allowed to miss a single shot in a sniper mission.

In the campaign, you gradually take control of four soldiers from World War II. Among them are Private Lucas Riggs and Sergeant Arthur Kingsley of the British Army, Lieutenant Wade Jackson of the US Navy and the sniper Polina Petrova, a member of the Red Army. During the course of the game, it will take you to various battlefields in Europe, the Pacific and North Africa.

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In addition, the official soundtrack was released with today’s release. This consists of a total of 24 pieces of music that add up to a length of almost 90 minutes. You can listen to all tracks in full length on YouTube:

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