Spanish tax publishes a list of debtors to the Treasury.. Samuel Eto’o owes nearly a million euros

A list of “debtors” published by the tax authorities in Spain on Monday and seen by Agence France-Presse revealed that former Cameroonian star Samuel Eto’o, currently president of the Cameroon Football Federation, owes them nearly one million euros.

According to this list, Eto’o specifically owes €981,598.19 to the Spanish treasury for the years he spent with Barcelona between 2004 and 2009.

In November, the Spanish Public Prosecutor’s Office demanded that Eto’o be punished with a total of ten years in prison and a fine of 18 million euros, accusing the former scorer, who was elected president of his country’s federation on December 11, of evading payment. 3.9 million euros in taxes arising from the rights to sell his images during his time with Barcelona.

In contact with Agence France-Presse, the Spanish tax authorities stated that they were not entitled to provide more information, especially on the origin of the debt, and were unable to determine whether Eto’o’s name appeared for the first time on the list of “debtors” that recently introduced amendments to its criteria.

The list, entitled “List of Debtors”, brings together thousands of individuals and companies who owe “more than 600,000 euros” to the Spanish tax authorities.

With the size of the debt reduced from one million euros to 600,000 euros this year in the inclusion of the names of debtors on the list, the number of debtors in the new list has reached more than 7,200 this year, compared to nearly 3,400 in 2020.

Twitter appears in the list of main debtors to the tax authorities with an amount of €800,795,01.

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