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Sparkasse app – switch between chipTAN, chipTAN-QR & chipTAN optically

At the Sparkasse, you can choose between different methods of entering TANs for transactions. To do this, you have to use one of the methods in online banking and in the Sparkasse app chipTAN manually, chipTAN-QR or chipTAN optical turn on. Find out how to do it at GIGA.

If you want to switch the Sparkassen app to chipTAN-QR, there are as many references on Google as Sparkassen – but none of these pages explain the process correctly. We’ll show you how to permanently change the Sparkasse’s TAN procedure in the app and in browser online banking. If that still doesn’t work, you can call the Sparkasse hotline.

Our video explains the different TAN methods to you:

In the Sparkassen app: optically switch chipTAN to chipTAN-QR or chipTAN

In order to choose between the methods chipTAN manual, chipTAN-QR or chipTAN optically in the Sparkasse app, you have to find the right settings – which is a bit confusing. Usually you would take the path via the menu, which you can reach via the three horizontal lines (≡) in the top left. In this case you won’t get any further.

This is how you can switch from chipTAN to chipTAN-QR in the Sparkassen app:

Opens the Sparkassen app and register. Choose the View all accounts, if you have set your homepage differently. To do this, simply swipe the view to the right until it is displayed. Now you see below a gear icon and the option “To edit“- taps on it. Now you are in the Account settings. Tap on “Manage credentials” and subsequently on your account. In the following window you can see the menu item “Approval procedure“. Tap on it and a window will open in which you toggle between “chipTAN manual”, “chipTAN optical” and “chipTAN-QR” can.

Your selection will be saved immediately and the next time you want to transfer something, the selected method of entering the TAN will be used in the app.

Switch over the Sparkasse’s chipTAN methods in online banking

In order to manually switch from chipTAN to chipTAN-QR in Sparkasse online banking on your computer, for example, you have to go down a somewhat cumbersome route again. In browser online banking you can only switch between the TAN methods if you make a transfer at the same time!

Open the online banking of your Sparkasse branch in the browser. Starts any Transfer process. If you think of the Digit of the TAN entry come, you can above (see image) toggle between “chipTAN manual”, “chipTAN optical” and “chipTAN-QR”. As soon as you choose one of the methods, it will be applied immediately. That but only applies to the current process. To save this permanently, you have to do one more below Checkmark “Save this approval procedure as a preferred procedure” set.

The method is then saved and used automatically for every browser transfer from now on. As I said: you have to switch the method in the Sparkassen app and in the browser so that you can use it on both platforms. And of course you have to have the right TAN generator and be activated for the selected method at your Sparkasse.

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