Steam hit: New RPG storms the charts, although it has not yet appeared

Lost Ark will not appear on Steam until March 31, 2022, but the MMORPG is already a bestseller in the shop – and not just once. Lost Ark can snatch 4 places under the nail. But how is that possible?

Lost Ark: Diablo alternative conquers Steam

The Diablo alternative Lost Ark will finally start in Europe in a few months. At the March 31, 2022 the isometric action RPG is to appear on Steam after the starting shot was fired in Korea in 2018.

But already now, well before the release, Lost Ark can be found in the Steam top sellers – and that four times (Source: Steam). However, this is not the main game – after all, it should rely on a free-to-play model.

Instead, the so-called Pioneer packages can be found on the Steam charts. These are, so to speak, in-game bundles that have all kinds of additional items ready for the players at the start.

But even more important: if you buy one of the packages, you get it guaranteed access to the beta phase, which runs between November 4th and 11th and gives you an insight into the game.

You can admire the first game scenes in the Lost Ark gameplay trailer:

Will there still be an open beta?

Developer Smilegate RPG has already mentioned in a short statement that it is up to date no plans for an open beta phase before the release there. So if you want to take a look at the game beforehand, you either have to hope for an invitation to the closed beta or, alternatively, order one of the pioneer packages that give you access to the beta phase.

However, if you are patient, you can expect to be able to play the game for free in this country from March 31, 2022. The reviews on Steam from players from other countries are definitely already very positive. Give from almost 1,300 reviews around 93 percent made a recommendation. Above all, the graphics and the coherent gameplay are praised.

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