Steam players celebrate wacky and free Squid game clone

The Squid Game series hit Netflix like a bomb. Since then, the concept of the series has also spilled over into video games – players create their own challenges and levels in a similar style. Now there is even a standalone game on Steam, which is not only funky and free, but is overly celebrated by PC gamers.

Squid game clone is a hit on Steam

Who meanwhile has not heard of Squid Game on Netflix heard, was certainly on an Antarctic expedition or something similar, because the series not only broke audience records, but has definitely already achieved cult status.

The trend around the series is so popular that of course the video game industry cannot resist an adaptation either. The show has been a promising clone since then October 29th on Steam available for PC gamers and is called Crab Game.

Not only are the makers behind the game as wacky as the game itself, you can even do it for free with your friends in multiplayer gamble. To see what to expect, you should definitely take a look at the wacky trailer throw:

PC gamers celebrate crab game

The implementation of the game seems to be going down pretty well with gamers. At currently over 14,000 reviews the crazy action game dusts the Rating “very positive” away. And a number of videos on YouTube show that the crab game is played up and down. Often called “Crab Game is Better Than Squid Game”.

If you yourself get into the Battle Royale If you want to fall, you can expect game arenas with up to 35 players, 28 different maps and nine different game modes. And milk – at least says the game description on Steam.

You want more free browser games that you can play together with friends in a quick round? Then this photo series is perfect for you:

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