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Stephen Curry does not set limits to increase his 3-point record

Stephen Curry doesn’t think about how many 3s he’ll have at the end of his NBA career. He knows that he has the record and that it will be very difficult to have it taken away. Therefore, the Warriors point guard enjoys every time he has the possibility of making a 3-point basket.

“I just shoot and enjoy to see what happens when it’s all over,” Curry told NBC Sports after Tuesday’s game before the Nuggets in which he scored his 3,000th triple.

With those words he referred to the fact that he lives in a relaxed way to be the best tripler in the history of the league.

To think that Stephen Curry can reach and exceed 4,000 3-pointers is not foolhardy. At 33, he could still play four more seasons to try and reach that goal.

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