Story Studio provides professional videos in minutes

Snap has officially launched a new standalone video editing application called Story Studio, which is now available for iPhone phones that allows users to create professional vertical videos and publish them through the Spotlight feature in Snapchat and other applications, with the ability to add elements to videos such as texts and audio clips more Popular and augmented reality AR lenses.
Snap announced its new video creation app, Story Studio, for the first time in May, before making it available this week as an early version for iOS device users in a limited number of countries around the world.
Snap, the developer of the Snapchat application, said that it had developed its new application for video montage, Story Studio, in partnership with creators and content producers, so that the application provides a professional tool for video editing, and the new application of Snap is distinguished compared to other best editing applications by integrating with the features of Snapchat, where The user can access the most popular audio clips and hashtags on Snapchat, with the ability to apply many lenses and support video publishing directly in the Spotlight feature competing to Tik Tok in Snapchat or through the Stories feature, and the application also provides users with the ability to download and share videos across platforms Other applications without any watermark unlike other applications.
And Snap recently announced that since the launch of the Spotlight feature in November 2020, it has paid more than $ 250 million to content creators, the amount that about 12,000 content creators received through Snapchat.
The company stated that it pays millions of dollars a month to users who publish the best videos through the Spotlight feature – a competitor to Tik Tok – but it did not give an exact number, and it says that it continues to provide and create new opportunities to reward the famous content creator.
Users can now download the latest version of the new Snap application for video editing and creation, Story Studio, for free for iPhone phones, through the Apple App Store.

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