Street Fighter V: Current sales figures known

Street Fighter V has been on the market for over five years now. Capcom has now announced how many times the fighting game has sold.

Street Fighter V: Current sales figures known

Except the Resident Evil offshoots called Capcom the current sales number of “Street Fighter V”. The beating game, published in 2016, has meanwhile sold six million times. This means that around 200,000 copies were sold in the third quarter of this year.

At Capcom you will be satisfied with the sales figures achieved. Especially in the early days after its release, the comic-heavy fighting game was not particularly well received. Important functions such as the arcade mode were missing and the online component was not convincing. Over the years, however, the developers have noticeably improved the game and provided it with new content. The last time the Online tournament mode and the character Akira Kazama introduced.

Last DLC character coming soon

This month the last fighter will be introduced. It refers to hatch, who celebrates his debut in the “Street Fighter” series.

The next offshoot is probably already in development. Industry insider Dusk Golem predicted last year that the release is not expected in 2021. Allegedly there were development problems, which is why the fans have to be patient a little longer. In addition, “Street Fighter VI” could also appear for the Xbox consoles in addition to the PlayStation and the PC. In any case, former producer Yoshinori Ono will not be involved in the game since he left Capcom in August 2020.

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Street Fighter V is available for PlayStation 4 and PC.

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